Medprozone is a Marketing and Direct Sales integrated platform which offers your products to millions of health professionals within the United States.

Our innovative service allows you to be directly active on the American market without relinquishing control over its prices.

Furthermore, you will be able to reach your target market by managing your own promotions and offers supported by automated tools and no intermediaries.

Having control over your market looks to increase all your sales, not only with Medprozone e-commerce but those carried out by traditional channels.

What do we offer?

• E-Commerce. Medprozone is a showcase to display your products. Our online shop services enable both, promoting and selling your merchandise to a large number of health professionals, as well as managing your own prices and inventory.

• E-Marketing. Medprozone reaches directly the target market you need to position your brand and to promote your products in a matter of hours. We offer behavioral details of your media campaign on Facebook, Google AdWords and e-mail blasting, in addition to the development of mini sites or special promotional landing pages.

• Promotions Design. Our professional graphic design team will improve your content marketing image.

• Community Management. Medprozone’s trained qualified personnel will assist you with your social network managing, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., and helping you with your client’s interactions.

• Telemarketing Market Research. Medprozone helps you to find your market, based in the profile requested, in order to contact medical centers and doctors who may be interested in your products.

• Warehouse & Logistics. If you don’t have local presence, Medprozone and its partners offer services to manage your inventory and handling the shipment of your products to your customers.

• Training. Medprozone will guide you step by step on how to place products in the virtual store, how to modify prices and how to use our direct sales tools.

Prices and Fees

Marketing Campaign

• $600 - One week of campaign management per social network (Facebook, Instagram or YouTube)*

• $300 – E-mail marketing campaign

• $400 – Promotional website+ Google

Under $3000 predefined budget (prepaid or postpaid). This service includes statistical campaign reports.

* Take advantage of the %40 discount by extending the campaign one week.

Maintenance Services

Free (the first year)

Sales Commission

6% (+ 3% for credit card payments)

Virtual Store Products Uploading

First 20 products for free

• $200 per every 10 additional products

Products Content Adaptation

First 2 products for free

• $40 per each additional product

Marketing Graphic Design

• $150 Facebook Images (up to 3 in same campaign)

• $60 E-commerce promotion

• $100 Email Newsletter

• $150 Promotion Landing page

• $350 Combo (Facebook, Email, E-commerce, Promotion Landing Page)

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* All content and images must be provided by the client.

Development of Special Landing Page

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Terms and Conditions

Medprozone is not a reseller. Our function is to sell your products and generate purchase orders. The seller is responsible for managing prices and inventory, as well as having the product stock available when the sale is made.

Medprozone supervises that all transactions are properly addressed. Nonetheless, it is not responsible for defectives goods nor for returns due to customer dissatisfaction.

The seller is responsible of technical questions clarifications regarding the product directly with the customer. Medprozone will facilitate the communication between the parties.

In case of return, Medprozone will only refund 50% of the commission.

Your products must have all necessary permits to be offered in the United States.

Last Updated October 30, 2018


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